Participate in #WCAGivingDay2019, in the GiveLocal757 Donation Drive!

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Be a part of the largest fundraising event in Hampton Roads!

The upcoming regional GiveLocal757 fundraising campaign will be WCA’s sole community fundraiser this year, WCA Giving Day! This is an opportunity for every parent, grandparent, uncle, fan of the school and local supporting small business to give to WCA, where the focal point is not on the dollar amount of each donation, but rather the quantity of donations we are able to secure, which opens up opportunities for us to pull bonus prizes from a pool of donor funds behind the GiveLocal757 drive.

How GiveLocal757 works…

For 24 hours, beginning at midnight tonight (May 14), everyone can be a philanthropist by donating online using the GiveLocal757 portal or by mailing a check to the Peninsula Community Foundation to Williamsburg Christian Academy. Donations from all participating charities will be amplified with $55,000 in prizes!

But what we will need more than anything else is YOU to contribute, even if its the minimum donation amount of $10! Your donation could be the one that earns us an extra $757 or more!

Donation Engagement is Key

On a separate note, we are continually positioning to apply for and win grants for WCA each school year. One of the biggest statistics asked for in grant applications is the parent, teacher and community giving engagement rate. The higher that rate is, the more likely the organization is to bestow a grant, because the school’s community is behind them. This engagement rate is given in a percentage, NOT a quantity. The grant organizations are most concerned not whether the school fundraises a whole lot of money, but rather whether the parents, faculty and community believe in the school to such an extent that they feel compelled to participate in school giving campaigns, no matter how small!

Your contribution to the GiveLocal757 campaign will not only help WCA financially and help us potentially earn bonuses in the fundraising drive, but they will also make us more attractive to grant organizations looking for how engaged our school community is!

What’s Next?

As mentioned before, the event runs midnight to midnight on May 14th, and we will be posting regularly as the day progresses. If for some reason you would like to give, but know that you will not be able to make a gift anytime between now and the giving day, you can give today (click here to give now) but your donation will not be included in calculations for prizes, except a special ‘Early Bird’ Prize category.

So travel to this link, and be ready tomorrow to chip in your part, no matter how small!!



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