WCA Community Assn Kicks Off with Opening Meeting Sunday, October 6th @ 4:00PM

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When parents and community members are involved in our children’s’ school, amazing things happen. The Williamsburg Christian Academy Community Association (WCACA) was established to give WCA parents, and the community as a whole, an opportunity to lend their time and gifts to serve the WCA ministry. The WCACA has served in many ways, including running teacher and staff appreciation events,  assisting with the annual Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Parade float, and running fundraising events like Spirit nights and last summer’s Floor Refinishing Project. The WCACA also has representatives in each classroom who are responsible for welcoming new families and spreading the word about upcoming events and volunteer needs.

Joining the WCACA is free, there are no membership dues, just a request to help when able when assistance is required. Please join us if you can for our kickoff meeting on October 6tth at 4:00 PM (held on a Sunday afternoon this year to maximize attendance), where we will lay out some of our plans for this school year and invite suggestions for additional activities and ideas. The only thing you need to bring is yourself and a desire to make WCA the best school possible for our faculty, staff and students!

To learn more information about the WCA Community Association, visit our website, or contact us with questions at wcaca@williamsburgchristian.org.

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