Williamsburg Christian Academy Community Donates 375 Pairs of Socks to Envoy of Williamsburg

socks for seniors
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This years holiday giving drive targeted our area’s senior citizens to help…with pairs of new socks. The Socks for Seniors sock drive started just before Thanksgiving and put forth the ambitious goal of collecting 300 pairs of socks in only three weeks. The WCA school community responded and blew through that goal, donating 370 pairs for the senior citizens of the Envoy of Williamsburg elderly residents.

The school collected the donations in a bin located outside the main office, which was also the location of a chart showing how many we had gathered to date. The chart was in the shape of a stocking, and by a day following the Thanksgiving Break, it had been completely filled in, signaling that the Socks for Seniors Drive had reached its goal. Pairs continued to pour in, however, as the drive wrapped up on Chapel Wednesday.

“We decided to focus our giving campaign on Envoy of Williamsburg this season because they are the least visited rehab and nursing facility in Williamsburg.  They have approxiatmately 130 residents and only around 20 have guests,” explained Lower School Principal Michelle Flanagan, who helped spearhead the drive.

The following week, the students gathered to pray over the socks as they were packed up and sent on their way over to Envoy of Williamsburg which will be distributed amongst the residents of the facility. “Many of the residents do not typically receive Christmas presents,” added Flanagan, “and the socks not only meet a need, but are also a blessing to the elderly patients.  As a result of this effort, each resident received two pairs each!”


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