The Strings Program

                                     at WCA

“I like strings because learning new notes and songs is fun, and it's exciting to learn something new. Our instructor helps us learn the music and reminds us to stay in posture and to listen when others are talking."

—3rd Grade Student

Chelsea Meisinger

Strings Director


Music at All Levels

WCA has strings musicians in elementary,  middle, and high school. Students may begin learning violin as early as second grade, however, new students at any age are always welcome! Our program is based on two concepts: First, all children have natural ability and talent. Second, ability and talent must be nurtured in a positive and caring environment. Students learn not only to play a stringed instrument, but also to develop sight-reading skills and a musical ear. Strings students play for school celebrations and programs as well as in the community as a ministry.


At the early elementary level, students learn basic music theory and technique to master note-reading and correct posture through exercises and simple melodies. At the intermediate level, musicians expand their skills technically and theoretically, including the ability to count and subdivide rhythms and understanding of key signatures. High School musicians broaden their understanding of various styles and techniques used in playing various genres such as classical, romantic, baroque, and fiddle.

Highly Acclaimed

In recent years, strings students in grades 4-12 have participated in Music in the Parks Festival sponsored by Busch Gardens. All ensembles have won first place honors at the competition. Our elementary string ensemble was named "Overall Best Elementary School Orchestra" in 2006 and our middle school was named "Overall Best Middle School String Orchestra" at the 2008, 2010, and 2011 festivals.

Our high school orchestra toured London and Paris in past years, performing at several schools as well as performing outdoors in the park behind the Notre Dame Cathedral for travelers and locals from around the world.

No Instrument Purchase Required

Although you may choose to purchase your student their very own violin, when your student is first exploring strings as an instrument, you may wish to rent one from WCA. We have a number of gently used violins to fit all ranges of players that are available at very reasonable rates. Our violin rental agreement form is here.


We welcome any and all new strings students to enroll in our program! If you are interested, please contact our Strings Director. We hope to see and play with you soon!

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