Drama and Performance Art

Performing arts and our drama program have been a long standing tradition at WCA. Starting with recreations of the manger scene in our early years, all the way to our two separate performing arts events today, WCA has celebrated our students God-given talents in acting, singing and dance for over 35 years.

Our performing arts are broken down into two events, in the Fall and Spring*:

Fall: Night of Fine Arts and Evening at the Improv

Spring: Drama Production 

Dan Stec

Drama Director

Our Middle and High School students have the opportunity to participate in the Drama Club, an after school activity that meets once each week. The Drama Club allows our students to explore acting, writing, and performance through participation in WCA's annual Night of Fine Arts and Spring musical, as well as special Drama Club only events like our newest Evening at the Improv event! 

The above was the production advertising banner for the WCA Drama Club Production of Disney's High School Musical

Now in it's third year, the Night of Fine Arts (NOFA) 2017 invited talents from all over the student body to put their God-given gifts on display. Not limited to performing arts, NOFA includes visual arts like photography, painting, graphic arts, even origami, as well as instrumental pieces, comedy and drama shorts, vocal solos and collaborations.

What has resulted in the past three years has been a stunning display of not only courage, but also the blessing of amazing performances.  Read the recap of the 2017 NoFA HERE.

Night of Fine Arts

Watch the Full-Length Video of 'How to Color Your Cardboard Box'

This groundbreaking production, which opened a new era in the WCA Drama Department, incorporated students from 1st grade through 12th, and was completely developed and produced from a skeleton concept by the participating actors and actresses themselves. This included scripting, stage positioning, and scene development. Under the artful eye of Mrs. Cathy Naylor, who implemented similar programs in the elementary public school system, this method was brand new to WCA, but the results speak for themselves. Please enjoy this full-length recording of  'How to Color Your Cardboard Box'.

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