Your Child, Your Choice: What Williamsburg Christian Academy is Offering Those Who Want In-Person School Instruction this Fall..and What They Are Offering for Those Who Don’t Want to Risk Coming Back

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Williamsburg Christian Academy is one of very few schools that were able to deliver a wire-to-wire curriculum last Spring throughout the pandemic quarantine, and this past week they followed up on their initial Fall 2020 opening plan with specifics for health mitigation protocol and synchronous distance learning in association with that plan. ‘Your Child, Your Choice’ is the banner head phrase attached to WCA’s rollout of solid Fall 2020 school plans and was fully launched last week. Specific details were given regarding the option for students to stay home and still receive a near-identical school experience to those attending in-person classes. The remote course option will dovetail with the school’s flipped learning initiatives as well, and all students will see a shift in some of their instruction to online work at home, and even working online in class. “Aside from having their body in a chair, the instructional experience for those at home and those in class should be almost identical,” said Head of School Johnny Graham. “Students will experience the same level of learning growth whether they are sitting in the class or at home…which could be in Williamsburg, other parts of Virginia, or really anywhere in the country or world.” The transition to implement the Brightspace learning management system by D2L is already underway. Brightspace will facilitate all remote studies and will manage nearly every aspect of parent and student interaction with the school.

For those who wish to have their children attending in-person classes, WCA will begin Fall 2020 with students in grades preschool through fifth grade attending school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Middle school students will attend Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday with remote days on Monday and Wednesday, and high school students will attend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with remote days on Tuesday and Thursday. There are also provisions for athletics to primarily focus on skills instruction, drills, and endurance training. 

In preparation for on-site instruction, WCA also released a detailed Health Mitigation Plan, which was carefully developed by the administration and a task force of other experts and stakeholders. This plan has already been filed with the Commonwealth of Virginia per State Health Department requirements. Included in that document, which can be viewed here, are details regarding the process used in developing the plan. Also included are answers to essential questions and details regarding the protocol that will be implemented to protect students and faculty such as sanitizing spaces and materials, monitoring and enforcing proper hygiene, and maintaining appropriate social distancing. “With our large building and lower teacher-student ratios, we have the flexibility to do what many schools just can’t. For them, it is nearly impossible logistically,” added Graham. “But even with that large footprint, we have limits, too.”  WCA is encouraging anyone interested in the school to inquire and enroll early as once the school has reached capacity, classes will be capped, and waitlists will be started.

WCA is accepting applications for all grades at this time for the 2020/2021 school year, and interested families can reach the Admissions Department to discuss options for enrollment, discounts, and scholarships. Also, inquiring families can schedule a live virtual or in-person socially distanced tour of the school. Families interested in more information about WCA or the enrollment process should contact Admissions at admissions@williamsburgchristian.org or visit the website and fill out an Interest form (click to be taken directly to either site).



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