WCA’s New Lower School Drama Troupe Presents “The Hope of Whippeland”

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The past two years, under the direction of elementary teacher Cathy Naylor, WCA offered one single drama production which centered on Lower and Middle School Students as the primary cast. These productions, How to Color Your Cardboard Box, and Finding Franklin were both tremendous successes and planted the seed for the restocking of our Upper School drama department. The fruits of those productions are now coming ripe, as this year the drama department has expanded. Our Upper School drama troupe is currently in regular rehearsal for the performance of ‘High School Musical’ with teacher and director Dan Stec, while our Lower School now has its own self-contained drama troupe, which is once again under the direction of Naylor.

The first purely Lower School production team will perform their play, ‘The Hope of Whippeland’ for one night only on February 7th at 6:30PM. The following is a summary of the new production, which once again utilizes a method by which the actors themselves are integral in the development of script and characters:

In the beautiful world called Whippeland, all was happy and peaceful, under the care of the Guardian Angels, the Whippelite Birds, and the primary caregiver of the land, Mistress of the Gardens.  However, one day, the world was visited by the villain, Polly Polluter, and her assistant and pet dragon, Flame.  The two of them use deception and trickery to turn the world of Whippeland upside down, until The Caregiver’s Club, with their good spirit, two helpful Guardian Angels, and prayers for God’s help, begin to soften some very tough hearts!  Will they be able to save Whippeland, and specifically, the littlest Whippelite Bird, Isabella, from being lost forever?  Come with us on this adventure and find out for yourselves!

This is a free performance and is open to the WCA community. We hope you will join us!

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