WCA Technology Policy

Williamsburg Christian Academy does not see, or use, technology for technology sake...it is an important part of our educational program and we use technology as a way to teach 21st century skills.  Within the context of a school that seeks to glorify Christ in all we do, it is important for us to teach, model, and encourage responsible citizenship.  The following policy is designed to allow our teachers and students to use the wonders of technology in a useful, safe way that will help students reach their full potential, while also ensuring that personal electronic devices and non-academic internet use does not interfere or distract from the learning process.

-Head of School Johnny Graham

Technology Categories (click to read policy)

Williamsburg Christian Academy is a proud Google for Education school. Technology is transforming what’s possible in schools—enabling innovative solutions to learning’s biggest barriers. With Google's suite of devices, apps, and resources, we easily bring the power of technology to our classrooms. With Google for Education we are able to utilize a number of state of the art technologies in our classrooms:

Chromebooks:  Perfect for sharable class sets or 1 to 1 programs, Chromebooks are versatile devices with dynamic content and G Suite built in. They’re easy to use and simple to manage. 

The G-Suite set of Applications: 70 million educators and students use G Suite for Education: a suite of free, secure productivity tools. Popular tools like Gmail and Google Docs enable easy classroom collaboration.

Google Classroom: Think of Google Classroom as our teachers' command centers. They can create classes, distribute assignments, send feedback—all in one place. 

Google Digital Tools: Digital tools can help our teachers nurture responsible digital citizens, world explorers, and ambitious creators using apps like Google Earth, WeVideo, and Google Search.

Guidelines and Procedures Around Google for Education

Parents of students in grades 4-12 must agree to partner with WCA in the oversight of assigned williamsburgchristian.org Google for Education accounts for students in grade 4-12. Parents will receive their child's username and password before the start of the 2017-2018 school year. The current password is case sensitive and will need to be typed exactly as shown upon receipt. Parents are expected to keep a record of the login/password information for student accounts and to change the password after initial setup.

Students will be introduced to the Google Docs system and receive training in digital citizenship. The importance of Internet safety and respectful email communication will be covered. Google for Education is beneficial for WCA students because it allows group collaboration between teachers and students. In addition, students will have access to word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software without using hard drive space and without device compatibility issues presented by Microsoft Office.   Google for Education student email accounts will not be used to communicate sensitive or personal information pertaining to grades or classroom performance.

Parents are required to agree to the following with regard to Google for Education:
  1. Students will be responsible to use their Google account for appropriate academic activity only. All collaborative files will be used to communicate assignments and projects under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher.
  2. Online communication will be respectful and collegial in nature. Teachers will maintain a master list of students and their email addresses and will create appropriate student groups. Although students may have the freedom to use Google for Education accounts to contact or be contacted by others, WCA may find and apply limits to this freedom and confine communications only to the williamsburgchristian.org user accounts.
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