Our Philosophy on Education

We believe in God’s view of truth and man as presented in the Bible. Man is born a sinner, but is drawn by God’s grace to receive Jesus as the sacrifice for his sin and to live in relationship with God as His child.

The purpose of a Christian education is to:

  • Teach Bible truth and to present all subject matter from a Biblical worldview.
  • Develop each student as a whole person (spiritually, mentally, physically and socially) so that each student may assume his or her God-prepared role in a home, a church and in society.
  • Provide an atmosphere in which Christian teachers model a mature Christian lifestyle.
  • Partner with the parents and the churches of our students in the educational process, realizing that parents are responsible for the total education and training of their children.
  • Develop Christian citizens who can graciously transform culture for eternal good.
  • Equip students to use technology responsibly and for its greatest academic advantage for effectiveness in the workplace.


The goals of a Christian education at Williamsburg Christian Academy include:

1. Spiritual and moral growth of students

  • Students will accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Students will be encouraged to deepen their prayer life and time reading the Bible in order to apply God’s love, truth, and grace to their lives.
  • As students develop the mind of Christ, they will gain a comprehensive Biblical worldview of themselves and the world in which they live.
  • Students will demonstrate a deepening personal relationship with Christ and the confidence to share His love.

2. Personal and social development of students

  • Students will see themselves as unique individuals created in the image of God.
  • Students will love and respect others as God’s creations.
  • Students will develop an attitude of serving others.
  • Students will develop skills necessary for developing and maintaining future relationships in all areas of life including marriage, family, and career.
  • Students will develop healthy physical habits and understand that their bodies are temples of God.

3. Academic development of students

  • Students will develop exceptional academic skills in oral and written communication, math, science, technology, social studies and the visual and performing arts.
  • Students will develop effective study and research skills.
  • Students will develop critical thinking skills, using God’s Truth as the filter through which they view the world.

4. Joint cooperation between student’s home and school

  • Cooperation between each student’s parents and teachers will enhance Christ-centered teaching at both the home and the school.
  • Williamsburg Christian Academy will help families maintain Christian homes in the midst of constant cultural change.
  • Williamsburg Christian Academy will encourage each student, family and staff member to support the school’s mission statement by participation in a local church.
  • Williamsburg Christian Academy will maintain a non-negotiable commitment to its Core Values.
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