Night of Fine Arts Performers Dazzle at 3rd Annual Event

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WCA held its third annual Night of Fine Arts talent exposition last Friday night. Many of the performers in this growing event are returning performers from the past years’ events, and as such, the performances have been improving year after year. From stirring vocal performances by our fantastic middle school girls, to a violin rendition of ‘Mary Did You Know’ by lead strings student Kaitlyn Sullivan, the high quality of the performances was what truly stood out. This youth movement (which has taken the event and practically made it theirs) will undoubtedly grow year after year, leaving many to wonder just how spectacular the event will be 3-4 years from now.

One of the most breathtaking performances of the evening was young 8th-grade Chinese international student Ian Chen, who delivered two amazing performances on our donated baby grand piano. There was fun as well, as Delaney Gibbons, in full pirate regalia, rolled the keys in a medley of Pirates of the Caribbean movie theme songs.

During the intermission of the on-stage performances, many physical art pieces and photography portfolios were on display while the crowd enjoyed autumn inspired mini cupcakes and cookies!

Please enjoy some still photos of the performers in NoFA in the attached gallery below. Make sure you join us next year, and encourage your students to get into the arts and participate in NoFA 2018!

Note that the WCA Fine Arts Coalition, sponsor of Night of Fine Arts, is having a kickoff meeting on Wednesday, November 8th at 6PM at WCA. Those who value the arts and want to help contribute to their success at WCA should be sure to attend!

Night of Fine Arts

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