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Williamsburg Christian Academy held its annual Middle School Awards Ceremony on Thursday, May 30th, 2019. The ceremony serves as an opportunity to recognize students with awards given for excellence in specific subjects, and the Principal’s Award, given to a student that represents Christ-like self-control and a balanced approach to student life, both academic and behavioral. These students are an example of what a school principal would describe as outstanding in their character and self-discipline. The ceremony also gives character awards to students who bestmiddle school awards exemplified traits set forth in each award. The event was kicked off by Upper School Principal Beth Fletcher and the prayer was led by new Head of School Johnny Graham. 8th grader Keith Cardenas read an opening scripture reading, followed by a performance by three of our middle school praise band singers: Delaney Gibbons, Lola Geoffroy, and Rayanne Hepburn, accompanied by Jake Duffy on percussion.

In the Subject Awards, the following winners were announced:

Physical Education (boys): Jack Marlowe
Physical Education (girls): Alayna DeLaGarza
Fine Arts: Kat Atkins
Praise Band: Delaney Gibbons
Tech Team: Jake Duffy
English: Sisi Mileski
Bible: Jack Marlowe
Math: Lola Geoffroy
Science: Seth Mileski
History: Stephen Bradby

A special award for Middle School, the President’s Volunteer Service Award was given to Lydia Segal. The award recognizes Americans of all ages who have volunteered significant amounts of their time to serve their communities and their country, which was granted by The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program. Lydia has served over 300 hours of community service here at WCA and the Heritage Humane Society.

Keith Cardenas received the Daughters of the American Revolution Award, which was presented by DAR member Linda West.

Next on the agenda was the announcement of this year’s Middle School A Honor Roll recipients, who had an “A” average in all subjects in this academic year. This year’s A Honor Roll receipients were:

Kat Atkins, Stephen Bradby, Lola Geoffroy, Rayanne Hepburn, Sophia Lee, Seth Mileski, Sisi Mileski, Connor Sullivan and Delaney Gibbons

Character Awards (These awards are given to students who model Christ-like character. They are consistent in their desire to please and serve the Lord.)

David Award: Jake Duffy
Jonathan Award: Rebekah Kish
Moses Award: Jack Marlowe
Ruth Award: Sophia Lee
Esther Award: Rayanne Hepburn
Deborah Award: Christopher Wert

A new award was introduced this year for Middle School as well, the Eagle Growth Award, which was awarded to Connor Sullivan.

The 6th, 7th, and 8th Principal’s Awards, given to students who have modeled Christ-like behavior in their spirit, attitude, kindness to others in their actions and in their words, were given to Kat Atkins (6th), Lola Geoffroy (7th), and Delaney Gibbons (8th).

Congrats to all our award recipients!

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