Visual Arts: In the Classroom and Beyond

Lower School students receive one hour of general art instruction each week. At the middle and upper school levels, art is offered as an elective course. Upper school art students may choose from several concentrations as well as Advanced Placement Studio Art.

Lower School Art:

The lower school art program at WCA is designed to instruct the student to understand and apply media, techniques and processes to communicate their ideas visually, recognizing that each student’s creativity is a gift from and a reflection of our Heavenly Father, the Creator.

We explore art focused on the categories of: elements of art, art in history, art in cultures and art for the seasons. We look at and examine many different types of art and provide opportunities for the student to understand the visual arts in relation to cross-curricular fields of knowledge. The student is encouraged to approach their artwork with originality, flexibility, fluency and imagination.

Middle School Art:

Building on the foundations of Art and Design, middle-schoolers delve deeper into the Elements and Principles of Design to further their exploration of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art. Examining art through the ages and the relativity of that art to current trends help students to have a greater perception of the world they experience daily and equip them to creatively influence their future.  The Middle School program is designed to prepare them to excel at the high-school level and consider an art related career.

Upper School Art:

Art Foundations: This course is designed to give students experience in creating many different types of art. Students are encourage to create art work that effectively communicates ideas in unique and original ways.

Studio Art: Students in this course strengthen their skills in a wide variety of media and techniques and processes. Students are encourage to create art work that effectively communicates ideas and experiences visually.

AP Studio Art 2D/ AP Studio Art Drawing/ AP Studio Art 3D: Students in this course will develop technical skills and familiarize themselves with the functions of visual elements as they create an individual portfolio of work for evaluation at the end of the course.

AP Art History: This course explores major forms of artistic expression including architecture, sculpture, painting and other media from across a variety of cultures. Students will learn about the purpose and function of art as they develop their ability to articulate visual and art historical concepts in verbal and written form.


Many works of art generated in the classroom are entered and win prizes and mentions in art competitions, such as Occasion for the Arts. High performing art students who have show an aptitude and desire to improve as artists may also be inducted into the WCA Chapter of the National Art Honor Society. Many of our students finest works of art often take a home in our Student Art Gallery, a full exhibit area of the school with donated works and travelling exhibits from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Mirinda Reynolds
Upper School Art Instructor

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