Financial Assistance and Scholarships at WCA

View the Video above to learn more about the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Fund

For families needing additional assistance, WCA offers the opportunity to apply for financial aid.  Our financial aid programs are completely self-funded and receive no government assistance. 

WCA has two means to assist families, the first way is through the “Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit Program”.  The guidelines of this program are designed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the program offers an opportunity for Virginia families to send their children to a school of their choice using private scholarships.  WCA has been a participant in this program for three years and has helped many families achieve their goal of placing their students in our quality educational program in an environment of Christian community.  To see if your family is eligible for this program, please go to to get eligibility requirements.  If after reviewing this material and you still have questions, please contact Cassie Bradshaw at 757-378-5263 or  

The second form of assistance is through the WCA Tuition Assistance Fund, which is a fund that donors contribute to in order to help families that need a little more assistance to meet their tuition obligations.  This fund is managed by a WCA committee that is not privileged to the names of the families or students and only reviews submitted information and makes the awards based on the merits of the need and the available funding.

To apply for either of these programs, please start by processing your financial information through our independent third party financial aid processing center, FAST.  You can start your FAST application by clicking on the FAST button below.  FAST is independent of WCA and charges a non-refundable fee of $45 for processing your information and reporting to WCA with a recommendation.  Please be prepared to submit to them your most recent year's IRS tax forms in order to complete the process.

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