Due to Governor Northam's restrictions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there are currently no on-site tours of WCA. We are, however, still scheduling appointments with our Admissions Director to get all your questions answered about our programs, curriculum and culture. Please contact us at admissions@williamsburgchristian.org to schedule a time to explore your options on a no pressure informational phone call.


"Our value proposition is that we offer an education based on values"

TUITION FOR THE 2020-2021 ACADEMIC YEAR (Please see fees and potential discounts at bottom of page)

Looking for 2018-2019 Tuition rates? Click here...

PRESCHOOL (4 yr olds)

(Full day, 5 Days per week, students may attend less or or be picked up early at parent's discretion)












GRADE 9-12




    Sibling Discount (Child #2/3/4+):                                                                                   8%/10%/12%
    Early Pay Discounts (paying quarterly, by semester or annually)                             1%/2%/4%
    Full-Time Employed First Responders:                                                                          15%
    Active Duty Military Personnel:                                                                                        15%
    Full-Time Employees working for Not for Profit 501(c) (3) Charities or Christian Organizations: 15%
    Pastoral Family Discount:                                                                                                  15%
    Family Referral:                                                                                                                    $500/student
    Early Enrollment (Feb 1- Feb 28) Discount: Tuition Locked in at previous year rates

    Discounts apply to full-time students only, the aggregate of these discounts cannot exceed 25%. All Discounts apply to tuition only and please note that discounts only qualify if the family tuition and fee account is financially current at all times.

    Required Fees:

    Annual Processing Fee                        $150 Paid on enrollment or re-enrollment
    Registration Fee                                   $300/student (new registrations only)
    New Family Fee                                    $500 (waived for students entering from Pre-K)
    Annual Student Fees
    $300 (Pre-K)
    $625 (K-5th)
    $875 (6th-12th)
    Extra-Curricular Activities Fee
    $150 (2nd-5th)
    $400 (6th-12th)

    Other Possible Fees

    Financial Aid application Fee:                            $45
    Admissions Testing Fee                                       $200 (only if required)
    Late Fees:                                                                $50
    Interest Charges on Unpaid Balances:              1% per month
    Insufficient Funds Fees:                                      $35
    Credit Card/Debit Card Processing Fee:          3%
    Withdrawal Fee:                                                    $200

    Educational Enrichment/Learning Support Services Fees:

    Please reach out to learningsupport@williamsburgchristian.org for fee details.

To read our full set of Tuition Policies and Procedures, click here

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