Parents often remark to us that WCA just feels....different. Different from other schools, both public and private. Often they can't put their finger on it, other times they identify the differences in intricate detail. For some, the personalization truly impacts their student's learning. In other cases, it is the way that the teachers work so hard to understand each and every child and teach in a spirit of hope, love, and grace in everything they do. But what we hear many times from many parents is that you can sense the presence of God in our halls and classrooms. 

This is what we call 'the WCA Experience'. It's a sense of fellowship and belonging, of teachers and leaders who care deeply for each child and do their job in a way that every day seeks to draw out their fullest potential, and of a system that seeks excellence, not for the sake of being excellent, but because God has called us to be so. 

We want our experience to become your experience. 

Enjoy this video, written, produced and shot by our own student media team and leadership class, explaining our culture of inclusiveness at WCA. The video was winner of a national contest that won the students scholarships, and the school $75,000 in new school lockers for our upper level.

What people are saying....

My son came to WCA after Christmas and even though we did not know where the funds would come from we knew this is where God wanted my son.  He found wonderful friends, amazing teachers and was included in sports even though he came late in the season.  To my son, athletics is one of his passions so this was a plus for him.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for being a wonderful Christian learning environment for my child. Teachers have been wonderful and he has certainly thrived. I love that prayer is in his school and God's will come first here.  During the whole COVID-19 crisis as I watched other parents and students in various other public and private schools struggle with knowing what was going on and how their child was going to continue the remainder of the school year. They had a lack of instruction and students are not even being given grades with total lack of assignments. Here at WCA we never skipped a beat.  My son never missed a day of school and each day he has detailed instructions and constants contact with every teacher. My child has every assignment graded and has continued to learn and thrive.  We have been well informed the whole time and are so thankful that we were at WCA when this pandemic hit. Even though he would much rather be at school in person with friends and having a live teacher in front of you can not be replaced by a computer WCA has made this as easy as I could have possibly have imagined. 

- Nancy L, Middle School parent

 Top notch experience since we first made contact with WCA! As a first year family, we’ve been very pleased with everything From the initial tour, to the application and interview process, to seeing friendly faces every day at pick up. Our son is loving it, and so are we!


I am so very thankful for the staff at this school. They know every single kids name. The staff - all of them- personally help walk the littles to the door in the car line. My son's kindergarten teacher designs "Fun Fridays" where everything - including the lunch they make together- starts with a letter. So, for "T" day, they did ties, tiaras, tutus, wore tye-dye that she helped them make! and they made tacos for lunch and ate together. They get an HOUR of recess, plus PE, plus "outdoor classroom" time, and every other excuse they can get to get the kids moving and engaged. The teachers truly love what they do here.

-Kindergarten parent

Our daughter has gone through middle school at WCA and is now finishing her first year of high school. She has blossomed with the personalized attention and had the opportunity to be involved in several of her favorite areas of interest, including performing in school plays, participating in art shows/events, and playing an instrument weekly for the chapel service praise band. She is challenged academically and has been able to take advanced classes. We are thrilled with all she is accomplishing there.


 Top notch experience since we first made contact with WCA! As a first year family, we’ve been very pleased with everything From the initial tour, to the application and interview process, to seeing friendly faces every day at pick up. Our son is loving it, and so are we!


The Staff, Administrators, and Teachers at Williamsburg Christian Academy (WCA) have guided students and parents' in a stellar manner during the COVID-19 pandemic. School leadership was quick to respond to parents questions and concerns when the Governor closed the schools and their ability to turn around an outline and agenda for the students during this time has been constructive to maintaining a sense of community and familiarity to my children. We have two children in the lower school and their daily assignments have been adapted appropriately to their level of understanding and also clear to us as the parents so we can assist our children in implementing the subject matter at hand. While there were roadblocks for us as parents to assist our children, such as learning about Zoom and Google Docs, the teachers have been patient and understanding. My children also love and adore having weekly 'virtual' praise and worship and virtual meetings with their teachers and classmates. Additionally we can set up a time for our child to FaceTime with their teacher so they can have a one-on-one to go over a project or just check-in. WCA has done an outstanding role in ensuring my children know they are cared for and thought of during this time.

Both my children love attending WCA. Each child received the attention and care they need during the day and both talk about how much they love the staff and the activities. The class sizes are small and the teachers have been working with us to help our children succeed or be challenged more. We moved to the area from an overseas assignment and our children attended a local British school and needed help adapting to the American school environment. WCA has helped them every step of the way. My 1st grader comes home excited to read, something he didn't do previously, and he absolutely adores his teacher. My 3rd grader comes home singing songs and has been thrilled to be a part of the spring musical/play as well as learning basketball - he only had cricket, tennis, and rounders in the UK so basketball is a new sport to him. Having the before and after care programs has really helped us with our working schedules as well. We've been very pleased with WCA and their willingness to work with us well before our move to the area while we were still posted overseas.


A few of the outstanding colleges and universities that WCA graduates have been accepted to....

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Our parents routinely make note of our small class sizes as one of the biggest strengths of WCA's educational approach. You don't have to go far to read about how class sizes are becoming larger than anything we've seen in the history of education, even here in Williamsburg, but does class size really make a difference in the quality of a child's educational experience? Read this article which calls directly on the latest studies that confirm that small class sizes do matter.

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