Parents often remark to us that WCA just feels....different. Different from other schools, both public and private. Often they can't put their finger on it, other times they identify the differences in intricate detail. For some, the personalization truly impacts their student's learning. In other cases, it is the way that the teachers work so hard to understand each and every child and teach in a spirit of hope, love, and grace in everything they do. But what we hear many times from many parents is that you can sense the presence of God in our halls and classrooms. 

This is what we call 'the WCA Experience'. It's a sense of fellowship and belonging, of teachers and leaders who care deeply for each child and do their job in a way that every day seeks to draw out their fullest potential, and of a system that seeks excellence, not for the sake of being excellent, but because God has called us to be so. 

We want our experience to become your experience. 

Enjoy this video, written, produced and shot by our own student media team and leadership class, explaining our culture of inclusiveness at WCA. The video was winner of a national contest that won the students scholarships, and the school $75,000 in new school lockers for our upper level.

What people are saying....

As a parent of three children that have attended WCA through their school years, I can say that they have been afforded the opportunity to experience and explore their academic and spiritual potentials as fully as possible. WCA has prepared them for the challenges life presents in all aspects.
-Ray A., Parent
The word "invested" comes to mind when distinguishing my coaching experiences between WCA and the public school system. WCA takes a whole school approach in enriching the student-athlete experience here. Everyone from the administrative staff to the parents rally to action to make every event a success. During our recent Alumni-Varsity Game and Brunch, we had teachers and parents donate griddles, food, and, more importantly, their time to make this event a success. If I can see Christ in the love and sacrifice that is shared on a daily basis here, I definitely know the students can.
-Jae K., WCA Teacher and Coach

A few of the outstanding colleges and universities that WCA graduates have been accepted to....

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Our parents routinely make note of our small class sizes as one of the biggest strengths of WCA's educational approach. You don't have to go far to read about how class sizes are becoming larger than anything we've seen in the history of education, even here in Williamsburg, but does class size really make a difference in the quality of a child's educational experience? Read this article which calls directly on the latest studies that confirm that small class sizes do matter.

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