Dear WCA Families,

The two-fold purpose of this Fall 2020 Opening Operational Plan webpage is to update Williamsburg Christian Academy's prospective and current families regarding our medically-informed and likely government-restricted resumption of on-campus educational services in August 2020 and equip families with transparent school communication more than 90 days before opening day for planning and adjustment purposes.

Well before Covid-19 arrived in our region, Williamsburg Christian Academy demonstrated our care for the safety and well-being of our community through transparent communication to families on February 28. Through God’s grace and prayerful consideration of medical data, WCA has served as a leader in the Tidewater region in providing a proactive, healthy, student-centric Christian education that accounts for the needs of the entire community. As you read through the attached Fall 2020 Plan, please take note of the seven-layer School Decision Tree that WCA used to formulate the attached plan and will continue to invoke as we assess safest operational practices moving forward: 

  1. Prayer
  2. Commonwealth of Virginia Executive Orders
  3. Virginia Department of Health Covid-19 Instruction 
  4. Centers for Disease Control Recommendations
  5. Consultations with Local Medical Experts
  6. James City County Covid-19 Data
  7. WCA-specific data (e.g. large future sickness outbreaks)

Based on the Virginia Department of Health data (click here to review) close contact is the primary method by which the virus spreads and includes being within six feet of a sick person with Covid-19 for about 10 minutes. According to the Virginia Department of Health, being indoors (such as in a classroom) does NOT constitute close contact, even with an unknown infected person present as long as you maintain a social distance of 6 feet. By following proper protocol, you are not at a higher risk of getting sick. Therefore, the attached opening plan merely defines the manner in which we open the school year. It is also important to note that the attached opening plan is a “Both/And” blended model of synchronous live learning and asynchronous modules, which will enable us to ease social distancing restrictions when permissible by state and local governments AND allow us to return to a remote platform should a large infection outbreak ever were to occur within our WCA community in the future. We look forward to a day when we may resume five-day brick-and-mortar operations on campus. In the interim, however, it is our duty to provide you a portrait of the opening “floor” of school operations in August based on the best information available. Social distancing is the core of our Fall 2020 Opening Plan per Virginia Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control, and local physician recommendations. Please take the time to review the attached Fall 2020 Opening Plan and the Virginia Department of Health information carefully. Philippians 4:6 tells us to “Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” We are using the tools and resources that the Lord has provided, and we have perfect peace in His arms.

In Him,
Johnny Graham
Head of School 
Psalms 91:5-8

Academic Operations

Per social distancing requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Williamsburg Christian Academy may open with the following blended operational weekly schedule in August 2020 with the understanding that our local and state government orders and medical data may impact our opening school schedule:

Lower School

1. On-campus instructional days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

2. Remote course learning day each Wednesday.

3. Lower school learning environments will have a maximum classroom size of 9 students and may use a combination of first and second-floor classrooms.

Middle School

1. On-campus instructional days Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

2. Remote course learning days Monday and Wednesday.

3. Middle school classrooms will have a maximum classroom size of up to 9 students.

High School

1. On-campus instructional days Monday and Wednesday.

2. Remote course learning days Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

3. High school classrooms will have a maximum classroom size of up to 9 students.

Custodial Operations

Always one of the most valuable services in any organization, our Custodians will work to ensure proper care of our facilities. Virginia Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control information and recommendations for schools will guide the care of our facility. As always, our custodial team assists in providing the healthiest possible learning environment for your child.


Frequent use of hand sanitizer, self-care and hygiene, appropriate hand washing, and practice of coughing/sneezing etiquette will serve as vital components to our health and life skills curricula.

Small-Group Training for Student-Athletes

As long as there continues to be an indefinite moratorium on interscholastic athletic competitions, we will facilitate small group individualized skill development and conditioning practices for student-athletes. Under the Wellness pillar of the WCA academic program, movement is key to establishing healthy minds and bodies. Small group training activities will be organized by Pam Gibbons, Athletic Director, according to season (e.g., Fall volleyball) and will have the following guidelines:

  • Maximum training groups of up to 5 student-athletes per session.
  • Social distancing of 12 feet between student-athletes because particles travel at different rates when bodies are in motion.
  • Student-athletes may not store their belongings in gym lockers.
  • Student-athletes may not arrive on campus for small group training sessions before 3:30 pm on remote course study days.
  • Coaches and the Athletic Director will develop a comprehensive schedule of small group training to provide as much access to sessions as possible.
  • Our focus will be on individual skill development and conditioning rather than team competitions and defensive drills that create close contact.

Virtual Learning Integration and WCA’s Future

Blended learning will allow WCA to offer your student the best education possible. By offering a hybrid experience, more class offerings will be available, giving your student the opportunity to expand their learning profile in ways that have not been possible before.

In addition, this will prepare them for the multi-faceted learning experience they will likely encounter in college. By exposing them to this model now while they have the support of our qualified and passionate teachers, they will be well-equipped for true 21st-century education as they grow and mature into young adults pursuing higher education and will have the tools and training necessary to be active agents in their own learning.

Using our virtual tools to expand curricular offerings as we connect with experts and educators nationally and globally, Williamsburg Christian Academy will flip the classroom with a mixture of blended synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. This mixture enables faculty to make better use of brick-and-mortar class time through careful inclusion of demonstrations, movements, simulations, experiential learning, and hands-on group and individual projects. Gone are the days when students sit idle in a classroom for 50 minutes.

For more information on how our accrediting agency, Association of Christian Schools International, views the value of blended learning, please visit https://www.acsi.org/school-services/accreditation/online-schools-accreditation.

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