Lower School Curriculum

The Curriculum of Williamsburg Christian Academy encompasses our school culture and instructional philosophy.  It provides students with experiences and skills that prepare them to be informed, inquisitive and empowered members of society.  Students will become perpetual learners in all environments, able to work constructively with diverse groups of people towards a common goal.

Our self-contained classes in pre-school through grade 5 create small and intimate learning communities where essential skills are mastered and concept-based learning is introduced.  Individualized learning is achieved through small class sizes, dedicated teachers who truly know their students, and a carefully designed curriculum that allows students to explore concepts on a deep level. Core subjects include Bible, math, language arts, science, handwriting, and social studies.  In addition, students attend weekly enrichment classes in computer, music, art, physical education, and library.


Lower School Curriculum Overview

Core Academic Subjects for Lower School Students

  • Bible:
    Students use their Bibles Purposeful Design in grades K-5 to grow spiritually at Williamsburg Christian Academy. Meaningful biblical integration is a high value and is taught in all curriculum areas.
  • Mathematics:
    Our math program uses Saxon Math to build a strong math foundation through its spiral approach. This approach introduces new concepts daily and incorporates continual review of math skills to develop mastery. Utilizing testing data and placement test allows for individual needs to be met along with provision of advancement in the intermediate years.
  • Science:
    Our science program guides its learners by engaging, exploring, explaining, elaborating, and evaluating science concepts using a Biblical mindset. The cross-curricular approach focuses on themes such as the fives senses, living systems, weather, seasons, sound, matter, animals, the solar system, the body, simple machines, soil, and electricity.
  • Language Arts:
    Our language arts foundation is built through phonics, literature, writing, grammar, spelling and penmanship. Our students utilize the systematic Saxon Phonics and Spelling program coupled with the Cafe/Daily 5 framework to grow into lifelong readers and writers. Writer’s Workshop and Word Study are the vehicles for the writing process and grammar instruction. Penmanship is taught through Handwriting Without Tears.
  • Social Studies:
    Our social studies program grows our students understanding of God’s world from the past to the present using various tools and resources. Cross-curricular approach focuses on themes such as our community, American heritage, Virginia history, patriotism, citizenship, states, capitals, presidents, countries, landmarks, land forms and American history.

Weekly Enrichment Classes

  • Computer
  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Library
  • String Ensembles (Optional, beginning in 2nd grade)
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