Classroom and Lab Facilities

Our 64,000 square foot school building contains all the facilities needed for a full and well- rounded curriculum. 

Our Upper School has both a biology and chemistry lab, with proper safe storage for all hazardous chemicals, gas supply for chemistry bunsen burners and all needed equipment for labs and experimentation.

In addition to our core facilities, we have a designated art studio, student and staff conference room, educational enrichment lab,  student media/tech lab, and college counselling and presentation room, as well as our lower school Science Sandbox, a special lower school lab where students can get hands-on with dozens of science topics!

WCA is also a Google for Education school, a designation given for our complete integration of Google technologies throughout our curriculum and classroom approach. The school has a substantial amount of Google Chromebooks for student use, and many classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and forward projectors.

From a safety perspective, our doors are locked with single door buzz-in access only during normal school hours 15 minutes after school start to 15 minutes prior to dismissal, with safety cameras equipped across on the building for 24 hour surveillance of the grounds.  


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