Retreats and Fellowship

Teachers, administrators, and students spend quality time throughout the year, which produces a tight-knit community that has a distinct “family” feel.  At the start of each year, high school students embark on a day-long retreat to set goals, set the tone spiritually, bond as a community, and have fun! 

Middle school students and faculty embark on a beginning of the year retreat themselves to accomplish similar goals.  Family activity nights are a part of the WCA experience as well, starting with our start of the year picnic that takes place the first Thursday of each school year. 

Because of our unique design and small size, WCA quickly becomes a warm, trusted, and welcoming community to all.  Tailgates and special meals are common before athletic events.  The fine arts department sponsors several gatherings each year in order to celebrate the gifts and talents of our student population.  The WCA Community Association (a parent-led group) offers numerous family activities each year as a way to promote school spirit. Externally, the school offers several outreach opportunities to the community each year. This includes our “Parent U” series that is open, free of charge, to the Williamsburg community where we take a close look at pertinent 21st-century parenting issues through lectures and open forums.  The local Rotary Club sponsors a charity basketball tournament on campus each November.  Our athletic teams have hosted contests on campus that have included meals in our cafeteria for our visitors. 

Overall, WCA seeks to be a welcoming, friendly, safe place for the entire Williamsburg community.

Middle School Retreat 2017

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