Parent U: Technology Safety for the Entire Family- Apr 20th @ 7PM

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During your recent Spring Break, were you wondering to yourself what on Earth your kids were tapping away at on their phones or mobile devices? Do you ever wonder what kind of dangers they could be exposed to? Which sites and apps are safe, and which are not?

April 20th will mark our next Parent University Seminar, where we will attempt to open a discussion and provide resources around this very subject. Technology is here to stay, and in our society, the kids are the digital natives. It’s time for parents to get caught up to their kids!  As the power of technology grows, so do the challenges of keeping your family safe.  From apps to social media to the internet, technology in this day and age is filled with wonderful things that enhance learning as well as enhance our lives.  At the same time, technology presents some danger to our society and to our families.  This informative seminar is designed to equip parents with information about the latest technology challenges that our families face.  It will also provide useful tips on how to keep your family safe, thus allowing technology to be a true learning and life-enriching tool.

There will also be a round table discussion where parents can ask questions of other parents and share experiences that may aid others against the negative aspects of technology.  Parents of kids of all ages are encouraged to join us for this incredibly important, and timely, Parent U seminar.

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