In the Classroom: Can You Dig It? WCA 4th and 5th Grade Class Complete Archaeology Projects

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Our Archaeological Dig was the culminating project for the Earth
Science lessons 4th/5th grade had been studying. For this assignment
the main goals were to:

1. Revisit the steps of scientific process.
2. Explore a local dig site
3. Examine the artifacts recovered at that site.
4. Research, through team discussion and online investigation, the
history of each artifact.
5. Write an objective observation paragraph based on the
completed dig.
6. Write an inference paragraph, based on the observations made
and the completed research.
7. Create a conclusion statement to summarize the experience.

The students were, at first, overwhelmed by the steps involved in a
research project of this depth. However, as they began to discuss and
research their findings online, the enthusiasm and appreciation for this
type of scientific exploration was tremendous! Bravo for their
determination in completing this extensive study!


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