The Upper School

The second level of our school building ("Upstairs") houses our Upper School. The Upper School consists of both the Middle School students (grades 6-8) and the High school students (9-12). This is not to imply that all these students are the same developmentally, but the act of moving upstairs defines the type of life skill transitions we are exposing our 6th graders to: using a locker, transmitting from class to class, and having multiple teachers with different instructional styles. The Upstairs is divided into a hallway that is primarily Middle School, and another that is primarily High School. Our High School are being prepared for life as we integrate more and more personal responsibility into their education, and develop them into custodians of their own learning. 

Although housed on the same floor, the two schools are markedly different, but seeking the same goal. To explore either of these schools, the Middle School or the High School, select an image below:

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