College and Career Counseling

High School Graduates are faced with an uphill battle in this generation. College admissions have become more and more competitive, and getting into the school of a student's choice is not nearly as attainable as it once was when simply submitting a good essay and having a healthy list of extracurriculars was good enough to get you into even the countries finest institutions of higher learning. 

The key to a successful plan for college and career now starts very early in the upper school years and must be accompanied by reference sources who are willing to pick up the phone and talk to admissions representatives of competitive schools. With college counseling budgets being cut throughout Virginia and the country as a whole,  parents often must pick up the slack and try to fill the void left by a dwindling college counseling corps. 

Williamsburg Christian Academy has a dedicated College Counselor whose purpose is to help students properly plan for the college admissions process, from lining up the proper course load for a student's desired college track and discussing extracurricular involvement for a college application with depth, to coordinating college visits and ensuring all required testing is completed for a given college application. Our College and Career counseling is proactive and takes the steps necessary to allow every student the best chance to achieve acceptance into their college of their choice, and also assisting with applications for scholarships and financial aid to ease the burden of college costs where possible. 

Our students have been accepted to some of America's finest colleges and universities. See a comprehensive list by clicking the image below. 

The WCA Class of 2020 (18 students) amassed a scholarship total of $2.48 million? 

Upper School Career Program:

Preparation Level

Upper school students will assess their interests, skills, and work values to determine potential career options. They will make changes and additions to their Career Portfolio which was begun in middle school and this will assist them when they begin attending job and/or college interviews as well as completing college applications. A wealth of information will be provided to the students with regard to testing, financial aid for prospective schools, scholarship opportunities, etc. and it will be stressed to them that they will need to take ownership of the process to guarantee their overall success.

College Test Preparaton

Williamsburg Christian Academy provides the College Board Suite of Assessments referred to as the PSAT.

9th grade:  PSAT 8/9 – Readiness Baseline
This assessment is given in the spring of the students’ freshman year and serves as the foundation for understanding students’ progress as they enter high school and includes grade-level appropriate content for eighth- and ninth-graders.  Not only does this serve as a foundation for understanding a student’s readiness for entering upper school, but it will also provide hands-on opportunities to practice the knowledge and skills that evidence shows matter most for success in college and career.

10th grade:  PSAT 10 - Check in and Focus
This assessment is given in the spring of the students’ sophomore year and provides a midpoint check-in on students’ progress toward their college and career readiness.  In addition, the results provide early feedback to help students identify the knowledge and skills they need to be college and career ready.

11th grade:  PSAT/NMSQT - Check in and Focus
Given in the fall of the students’ junior year, this assessment once again serves as a “check-in” on students’ progress and pinpoints areas for development.   Through the PSAT/NMSQT assessment results, students may qualify for scholarship and recognition programs such as the National Merit Scholarship Program.

12th grade:  SAT and ACT Tests
These are the two nationally recognized testing assessments used by colleges to assist with making admission decisions.  They are NOT administered at WCA but are given at local high schools.  A student MUST be registered ahead of time and the testing dates, deadlines and additional information can be found at:  www.sat.collegeboard.org or www.actstudent.org .

Dr. Pamela Rambo

College and Academic Counselor

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